New Members

The Online DMWPC Registration Includes:

New members must complete the following forms and turn them in to the team parent or head coach on deck by first practice.

Medical Release Form Waiver of Liability Code of Conduct

USAWP Membership & Age Group Categories

New members also must have a current USAWP membership.  To sign up for a USAWP membership click HERE.  Please bring a copy of the completed form to your first practice and give it to the head coach or team parent on deck.

The two options for USAWP membership are:

Gold Athlete – recommended for all Competition Athletes

The “complete” athlete membership; eligible for all USAWP sanctioned activity, including club practices, sanctioned events, National Championship Events and all Olympic Development programs.

Silver Athlete – recommended for our Training Only athletes

The “amateur” athlete membership; eligible for club practices and sanctioned events.

* Note: Age Eligibility
A player’s age division is determined by the athlete’s age on August 1st of the year in which the tournament is being held.
Example: If a player is 14 years old on August 1 of the upcoming Summer, they are eligible to compete in the 14&U division. If an athlete turns 15 on July 31, his/her age is 15 on August 1st and is therefore not eligible for the 14U division. They are, however, able to participate in the 16U division. 

Remember, players will be withheld from participation in practice and tournaments if they do not possess a current USAWP membership. You must renew your membership each January.

After successfully completing the forms and signing up with USAWP, you may proceed with registering for the upcoming/ongoing session CLICK HERE

Sibling Discount

Del Mar Water Polo offers a $50 sibling discount for those families who have enrolled 2 or more athletes for the same season.  The oldest athlete pays to full price and all other siblings will receive the sibling discount for that season.

Individual Tournament Accounts (ITA)

In order to provide our athletes with the opportunity to test their skills and to grow in a competitive environment, we enter various tournaments and leagues throughout the year.  Tournament fees and league fees are set by the relevant tournament/league committee and the hosting clubs.  In addition to covering these entry fees, DMWPC must also cover the costs of coaches’ time and travel.   The Individual Tournament Account (ITA) allows these costs to be shared by the club and players.  Each player selected to play in a tournament/league will be assessed an ITA to cover a portion of the costs of participation.

Individual Tournament Account Scale
*Costs are subject to change without notice

*Players are responsible for the full cost of the ITA even if they do not participate in all tournament/league games


1 day in SD $50
1 day out of town $55
2 day in SD $75
2 day out of town $100
3 day in SD $105
3 day out of town $140

Scrimmage $20
2-day League $75
3-day League $100
4-day League $125
Futures $65

Futures Super Finals: TBD


We prefer that all dues, tournament accounts and merchandise purchases are done online and paid by credit card. Coaches will not accept any forms of payment. If you do pay by check, please mail checks to;

Del Mar Water Polo Club

2658 Del Mar Heights Road, Suite 204

Del Mar, CA  92014

Thank you for completing the registration process!!  We will contact you if any changes need to be made.  If you have questions in the registration process, please contact the registrar at:

Late Fee Policy

DMWPC is a non-profit organization and it is critical that our members pay dues on time. Members are responsible for making sure their registration and Individual tournament accounts are paid on time. Late fees will be added if members are unable to pay their dues on time.
Tournaments: Members have until the last day of the event to pay their ITA’s. When the event has ended, a $25 late fee will be in effect for those members who are unable to pay their dues on time.
Leagues: Register and pay by the first game. Even if your athlete participated in one league game, you are required to pay the ITA. After the start date of the league the ITA will have a $25 late fee added to the ITA cost. If you join the league late, please email me and I will make the appropriate adjustments to your ITA fee.
Registration:  All members are responsible for being registered with DMWP in addition to having a current USWP membership. All members are also responsible for paying each event ITA before the deadline. Once the deadline has expired, there will be a $25 late fee.